What are unclaimed funds?

Unclaimed funds are assets (cash, stock, or other assets) that have been overlooked or forgotten about, and as required by law, have been sent to the state to be held for safekeeping. Unclaimed funds can come from: unused gift cards, lost tax refunds, uncashed checks, misplaced stock certificates etc.

Who can have unclaimed funds?

Statistically, 1 in 4 people have unclaimed funds. Both individuals and businesses can have unclaimed funds. Deceased persons can also have unclaimed funds, and we are experts in deceased claim recovery.

Does UnclaimedFunds.com work?

Absolutely. UnclaimedFunds.com has amassed a database of unclaimed funds and has made searching easy. The experts at UnclaimedFunds.com have extensive experience successfully recovering unclaimed funds for customers. UnclaimedFunds.com was built around customer trust and recovery efficiency.

What do I need to do to recover my unclaimed funds?

  1. Locate a claim by searching UnclaimedFunds.com and submit an online claim request.
  2. We’ll email you a claim form. Print, complete and sign the claim form, and in many states such as NY, claim forms must also be notarized
  3. Provide a photocopy of proof of address such as: ID, postmarked envelope, utility invoice etc. Last, mail the original signed claim form (and notarized, if required) together with a photocopy of proof of address to:

    43B Glen Cove Rd., #133
    Greenvale, NY 11548

    We’ll handle it from there and keep you updated along the way!

What do I need to recover funds for a deceased person?

In order to initiate the recovery process for a deceased person, states require an original signed claim form (and notarized, if required) together with a photocopy of the death certificate. Mail both items to:

43B Glen Cove Rd., #133
Greenvale, NY 11548

How long does it take to recover funds? What’s the value of my claim?

Once the required documentation is submitted to the state, it can take approximately 3-4 months to recover funds, however, recovering funds for a deceased person requires additional documentation and can take a year to complete. Nationally, there is over $100 billion in unclaimed funds, however, most states do not disclose the value of individual claims until a signed claim form and proof of address is provided.

How much does it cost to use UnclaimedFunds.com?

It’s absolutely free to search UnclaimedFunds.com to see if you, your friends, or family have unclaimed funds. By signing a claim form, you are agreeing to engage UnclaimedFunds.com to act on your behalf to recover your unclaimed funds. Fees are clearly disclosed in the claim form and typically range from 15-20%. There are no out-of-pocket expenses to hire UnclaimedFunds.com. All fees are earned on a contingency basis, and no fee is owed in the event of non-recovery.

How can I contact UnclaimedFunds.com?

By email: claims@unclaimedfunds.com

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